Friday, May 16, 2008

Year of Miracles #4

Yesterday evening I was at the temple and was called out of the session. It ended up Sweetie Peach was in the ER needing stitches in her lower lip. She had fallen from a barstool while standing on it to reach a DVD on the entertainment center. In the course of falling, her teeth jammed into her lower lip and cut it deeply both on the inside and out. The miracle was that Steve was home with her--the plan had been for both of us to go to the temple for ward temple night. But at the very last minute Steve decided not to go. The babysitter we had lined up was barely 12, so it likely would have been a very stressful situation for her to handle if she had been there. Anyway, I am grateful Sweetie Peach had a parent on hand to get her to the care she needed asap. We are both very tired today because we got to bed so late after getting the stitches and then getting the prescriptions filled. Gonna take it easy today.

It's not pretty, but here is a picture of Sweetie Peach with her swollen lip (still in her bloody shirt from the ordeal).Scripture of the Day: F-4, Moroni 7:47
Kitty got 4 corners this morning! Yeah for her!


  1. I'm so glad everything worked out OK. It's wonderful to have small, but meaningful miracles to remind us how much Heavenly Father loves us. Get well soon!

  2. Poor Kid! Glad it wasn't any worse. Are the meds making her tummy hurt?

  3. WOW! So glad that she's ok. And good thing Steve was there!
    You have such a great outlook! I love your "miracles"!!


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