Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Meal Planning

This is the last week of school for my kids, so it is time to get organized for summer. One of the things that is hardest for me is to have three kids to feed at home all day. If I am not careful then I end up spending half of my waking hours in the kitchen. I hate when that happens. So here are some of my coping strategies: I have learned through experience to have a summer breakfast/ lunch meal plan posted on the fridge. Then I do not get kids whining and making special requests for meals. I do not like being a short order cook. Plus, having the meal plan makes weekly shopping much easier. Here is the meal plan I made for this summer; it does not include side dishes, just main items. I supplement with what I have on hand.

You can also see the posted meal plan has jobs on it. With all three home, the house ends up messy a lot more. They each have two jobs per day they are required to do before playing with friends. I was tempted this summer to give them three jobs each, but playing "job cop" is not something I like.

I also have a "snack basket" for after lunch. In a small basket I put several healthy snack items per kid (labeled with their names). I put the basket out after lunch is over and then close the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon. If the kids get hungry, they know they can eat one of their snack basket items. Otherwise, they are not to bug me about food until dinner time.

One other tip is to have a special cup for each kid to use each day--all day long. In the party supply isle at Walmart or Target there are cute plastic cups. I let my kids each choose one of these and then they know which cup is theirs. We have a designated spot on the counter near the fridge where they leave them during the day. After dinner they get washed and prepared for the next day.

Scripture of the Day: I-15, 1 Nephi 7:12


  1. You're amazing! I love this idea and want to see how effective it is with my kiddos. Thanks for all your great ideas. . .so preventative!

  2. Love this!! I need some organization in my life. Nothing complicated and this looks like it would work for both. Great idea!


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