Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scrapbook Store Hazards

So yesterday evening I stopped into Scrapbooks, Etc. I needed to get die cuts of the letters to West Virginia for Patch's state report display board, plus I wanted a few supplies for another cute project I am working on. Can I just say scrapbook stores are hazardous to your pocketbook? Mind you, I did not spend more than $15, but I could have. Easily. I wanted to so badly. But the reality is this: I prefer not to scrapbook. Why? Besides the cost of it, the main reasons are these: because of lack of space, the big mess it makes, the time commitment involved, and my inability to keep up with it. As a result I try not to shop at these stores. I have to admit though, the supplies are sublime! I love paper and all the cool knick-nack-y things they have there. I bought this darling set of cardboard cut out shapes that cost $10--all because I wanted one of the two dozen shapes in the kit. Don't ask me what I will do with the rest of it. But ten years from now you will likely still be able to find it in my overflowing cupboard of scrapbook supplies that I keep accumulating.

Scripture of the Day: A-12, Alma 34:17

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