Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kitty Needs Glasses

Over the past four or five days now Kitty has been getting headaches. We have gone through a process of elimination (illness, allergies, glasses), and hopefully have discovered the problem: she needs glasses! When the school nurse called me yesterday with Kitty in her office complaining again of a headache, I asked her to please test her eyes. Sure enough, she had a hard time reading the eye chart. So I took her in to the eye doctor and we ordered glasses. They will take a week to get here--and of course school will be about out by then!

Scripture of the Day: I-16, Moroni 10:7


  1. I have a question for you. First, I am sister to shazbraz and came to your blog from hers.
    Early in this year, I found a blog- I thought it was through a link on her blog and she thought it might be you (as I didn't bookmark it) Long story short- there was a post on a magnetic calendar that was used to mark temple attendance/scripture reading/ FHE. Was this you?

  2. Nope--but it sounds like a cute idea! Good luck finding it.


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