Monday, May 5, 2008

'Doin' it Up Right

Okay, so I am stealing this post idea from Shazbraz (a former mission companion with a great blog). I guess I just have blog block today. But last week she posted a link to this cute website for girls' hairstyle ideas and I thought it was darling. The above picture of Sweetie Peach is a style taken from the site. It is not all that clear {and my ability to do hair is much weaker than what is shown in the original pic} but it is a French braid going back on the diagonal. I need to get brave and try the flipped Heidi style that is so cute on there. So darling!

Scripture of the Day: I-13, Mosiah 4:30

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  1. awww, Becky. So cute! It sure has been fun playing the girlie-girlie game every morning. Thanks for posting the pic!


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