Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Fruits

My garden is beginning to be very productive, so I took a few pictures today.
My first cucumber--not only for the season, but for me trying to grow one, too.

This is my first acorn squash. The plant was a volunteer from some innards I threw out in the garden last fall. When it came up I could tell it was some type of squash. Now I know!

These are green tomatoes. They have been getting bigger and bigger for several weeks. They will be huge by the time they are ripe, I fear.
The corn is beginning to tassel, and the beans are not out yet (not pictured).
I also have had a number of large zucchini so far. I hope to have more before the weather turns too hot for the plants to keep producing!

Scripture of the Day: H-29, D&C 75:5


  1. Awesome! We just have tiny little less-than-an-inch tall plants. Can't wait for actual food!

  2. Beautiful! Nothing like growing and tending to your own garden veggies. I love getting more in touch with the food cycle :)


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