Monday, June 23, 2008

Applesauce Annie

This morning my friends Jamie and Misi came over and taught me how to make home made applesauce! Jamie is the applesauce queen with all the great equipment to make it fast and efficient. Plus they provided some apples from Cindy's tree for me. It took about three hours to get the sauce ready to process. We were able to get about 26 pint jars out of all those apples. They will be sitting pretty on my pantry by the end of the day. A huge thanks of appreciation for Jamie and Misi!! I REALLY appreciate the time you took to come and teach me--and the visiting made the time even more fun!

Jamie, if you read this leave a comment so I can put a link to your blog!

Scripture of the Day: Article of Faith 1

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  1. hey, i am so glad you got so much applesauce out of the batch we did. did your kids like it? i enjoyed the visiting too. we'll have to get together more often.


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