Monday, June 2, 2008

The Sound of Music

Last summer I was prompted to sing hymns with my kids as part of our morning devotional. Mainly it was a suggestion by my good friend Becky, but I also had a strong feeling I should follow her suggestion. Then at the beginning of the summer I was feeling overwhelmed by all that I wanted to accomplish and actually getting through it. I started to think maybe I had set my sights too high and thought maybe I should forget the hymn idea so I didn't overwhelm myself. A debate started in my head as to whether or not I should do it. I decided to do it, but only if a certain hymn (I've forgotten which one now) was the first song on the tape {you see, I didn't want to have to do the fast forward/rewind search of the audio tape to get to the beginning of the song that morning}. So I pulled out the tape that had the specific hymn on it, and sure enough it was the first one on that side of the tape. As a result we sang that morning and used hymns each weekday morning for our devotional.

This year I think I will use songs from the Primary songbook, particularly ones the kids will be learning for the fall program. I try to sing the same song all week long with the kids to help them learn it well. I also post the words or use the book so they can read along as they sing. With the hymns last year, I found it helpful to sing upbeat songs with a march-beat to them. Slow Sacrament hymns did not go over well (trust me, I know from experience). With Primary songs, I do not think I will have the same level of unfamiliarity, so it should be fun.

Scripture of the Day: Ether 3:14

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