Friday, June 6, 2008

Picture Perfect

About eight years ago there was a fun idea mentioned in the Ensign to use the Gospel Art Kit pictures for scripture study time with kids. I thought this was a fun idea and used it for a while. Each week I picked four new pictures. Monday through Thursday I would show the kids a new picture and read the story from the back of the picture. On Fridays I would show the kids all four of the week's pictures, briefly review the stories. Then I would quiz them to see if they could remember which story went with which picture. The pictures really help keep kids' attention.

In addition to using the pictures for scripture study time, I also made copies of the pictures (reduced to 30% of the original size). I placed a bit of glue on the left edge of the copy and stuck it down in the binding of my kids' scriptures. Make sure to place the picture where the story actually takes place. Patch and Kitty liked looking at these pictures during the sacrament at church; sometimes I whisper the stories again to them.

Scripture of the Day: Mormon 6:22

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