Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Meant to Be a Pioneer

So yesterday afternoon and evening I spent with Patch at cub scout daycamp. It was outdoors in 113 degree heat for seven hours. Can I just say TORTURE!@#! I was NOT meant to be a pioneer. I HEART AIR CONDITIONING! Patrick had a fairly good time shooting BB guns and arrows, swimming, making a leather craft, and playing kickball. Although I enjoyed being there to see him, I did not have anyone to visit with for most of the time and so my mind kept wandering to the undeniable subject of how hot it was. By the end I was exhausted and probably more stinky than I would ever care to admit, but I had survived.
Patch (R) and co-camper Tristan

The arts and crafts building (lightly cooled with a swamp system) at dusk.

What did you do in your nice air conditioned homes yesterday afternoon?

Scripture of the Day: 1 Nephi 13:19

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