Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super Tourist: Part 2

More of Paris
My second day in Paris I spent sightseeing with my mom while my dad was off visiting a business with his students. First we went to Saint Chappelle, a small church on the same island as Notre Dame. This was one of my favorite sites--I think because it was so colorful (love the red and blue and gold). Both the walls and all the stained glass windows were very colorful. Basically, the windows record most of the Biblical scriptures in story form in stained glass. Some of it has had to be replaced and is not original, but it was all beautiful. Here is a picture from the lower level of it.
After Saint Chappelle we wandered over to Notre Dame. My mom had been here before so she sat outside while I went in to check it out. I did not go to the bell towers, but stayed on the ground floor. Although I thought Notre Dame was okay, I was disappointed in how dusty it was. I would think they would have a better cleaning and maintenance staff. But I guess not. Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle are on an island called Isle de Cite. Next to this island is a smaller island called Isle de St. Louis, which is where we went next. There were some lovely small shops and we had lunch there. I took this snapshot of the Seine as we went over a footbridge between the two islands.
By this time my legs were killing me from all the stairs and walking. So we went back to the hotel to rest up before dinner. For dinner my parents and I went to Chartier. It had lots of French fancy-dress waiters rushing around. I ordered a salad with my chicken for dinner there, but what came was a plate of sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with some diced onion on top. Different, I admit, but it tasted good. This is a picture of a wall of mirrors inside the restaurant--I like the way it turned out.And a shot of our waiter. We told him he looked like a young Tom Hanks, but either he did not believe us or could not understand English very well:-)!

Last day in Paris to come later this evening. Hope your day is going well so far!

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  1. Wow, SO cool Becky! I can't wait to see your London pics!


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