Friday, June 27, 2008

Year of Miracles #10

The clock that performs miracles, but doesn't keep time well!

This actually happened to me a few years back, but yesterday I was reminded of it when I found a flier for an eagle scout project on my front porch. It was kind of a special little miracle to have witnessed and is worth sharing.

My parents had bought me a small brass clock and had shown me there was extra room in the battery compartment of it, kind of like a secret hiding place. They suggested hiding extra cash in it for an emergency. So I followed their advice and put a $20 bill in there. The only problem was that every time I went to open it up and use the money, I could not unscrew the lid to the compartment. No matter how hard I tried--and I tried numerous times to open it--it was always stuck and would not budge.

Then one Sunday I had the thought I should donate some money to a neighbor boy's eagle scout project. We had missed participating in the fund raiser and I still felt we should contribute somehow--but I did not have any cash on hand. The thought came to me that maybe I could get the $20 out of the clock somehow for him. If it opened, I would know the Lord had been reserving that money to help with this eagle scout project. Sure enough, when I went to open the clock, it opened up with ease. I was surprised and thought of all my unsuccessful attempts in comparison to how easy it had just opened. Quickly I walked across the street to donate the money. When the scout came to the door and I handed him the money explaining it was to help with his project. He told me with this $20 he had met his goal to have all the money he needed for his proposed service project.

Scripture of the Day: Enos 1:1

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