Friday, June 5, 2009

Police Beat #42

Happy Friday!

May 17: A young man was seen slashing at trees with a knife in Heritage Halls. Officers were unable to locate him upon arrival.

(Comment: Maybe he was preparing for his final exam in Jungle Expeditions 101. That or he was preparing to head off on his mission in South America.)

May 21: A female transient was found eating red juniper berries on the east side of the Benson Building. She told officers she was looking for a place to live. They advised her not to eat the berries off the bushes

(Comment: Juniper berries? Another item to add to your year supply!)

May 19: A male student reported persistent harassment from his former wife. He said his ex-wife has made no threats but that he is concerned and fears for his safety.

(Comment: If he doesn't pay up on his alimony who knows what may happen to him.)

May 20: A 29-year-old male subject was stopped at the WSC bus stop for skateboarding. As officers checked the individual’s record, they found a warrant out for his arrest. As they continued to search this individual they found possession of marijuana, a joint and other controlled substances such as morphine. He was arrested on second-degree felony and possession of drugs in a school drug-free zone.

(Comment: I think the fact that a 29-year-old male was skateboarding was a big sign this guy did not have his life in order. Another good item to add to my what-to-warn-my-daughters-of-when-they start-dating list.)

May 20: Someone noticed a deserted bag on the sidewalk south of the WSC and called police. The officers responded and found it was merely a student’s blue backpack. They identified the owner and returned the bag to the owner.

(Comment: Yet another fine example of the BYU police doing what they do best!)

Scripture of the Day: Moroni 8:2-3


  1. LOL I've said it before, I LOVE Police Beat Fridays!

  2. Are juniper berries poisonous?

  3. That is terrifying! You can't eat those red berries off of junipers? I've been canning them! J/K

    That is so funny! Hee hee hee!

  4. The 29 year old one was my favorite comment. These are so much fun.

  5. it has been a while since i have commented on your blog.. just know i am still here reading on google reader..

    and i always love fridays!!

    wood floors.. hum pergo that is what my verification word is.. never really get words that mean


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