Monday, June 8, 2009

Rest In Peace

I think my laptop is dying. Actually, I know it is.

It all started about a month ago when I had problems being able to access the internet. No matter how often I unplugged, restarted, and reset I could not get on the internet. Luckily the family computer still had access, but I could not figure out the deal with my laptop.

Then last Friday I was working away on it and it shut down with no warning. The power indicator was green, so I knew it was not that. So I called my computer guru, Joseph, and asked his opinion; he said it sounded like a hardware problem and would come out to see it on Saturday. In the meantime he suggested trying to back up anything I was concerned about.

Luckily I have been backing up files once a month or so and there was not much. But just in case I decided to run a back up to an external hard drive. I started it Friday evening and it never got more than 35% of the way done. I even left it going all night. It never finished and I had to just shut it down.

Joseph came Saturday morning and looked it over. He determined the internet access problem was with the wireless access card (busted somehow) and said the other poor symptoms probably meant it was time to replace the laptop altogether. {sigh}

Maybe normal people would enjoy this shopping opportunity, but not me. To me computers are like cars. I want them to work, but I don't care to understand how it works. It just isn't my thing. So going to shop for a new computer means I need to brush up on all the how and what and wherefores of computers.


Does the resurrection apply to computers? {It should.}

Scripture of the Day: Proverbs 3:12


  1. You should double check the picture you put up! Yikes! Get a mac! They are the best! We never have problems with ours!

  2. I was just hopping on to say the need to remove whatever graphic you used....quick!

  3. I'm feeling your pain. I've spent some quality time with HP warranty support over the last week and it's not over yet. Now they're having me send in the pc for repair.

  4. What graphic? I missed it, darn it! I have heard a lot of good things about macs, especially photo editing. I am boring and still stick with the ol' windows than try the unknown.


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