Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Happenings

Yesterday and today have been quite busy, but I thought I would jot down a few things for a post so you would not think I had completely disappeared. Here goes:

1. Sweetie Peach is sick with strep throat. She has not slept well the past two nights, which means I have not slept well either. Life seems so much harder when I have not had enough sleep.

2. Today I went to our ward RS water aerobics and had fun. Honestly, the main reason I go is for the socialization. The extra exercise is an added bonus for me.

3. I showed up for Primary presidency an hour early today on accident. Oops! I went home and came back again on time.

4. Last night I went to visit my parents, who recently returned from a trip to Utah. For a father's day gift I took a book and bag of sugar free Dairy Queen treats. The vanilla-orange popsicle was what I had and it was delish (and only 1 WW point! score!).

5. The dashboard on my van is not working (hasn't for two days now). I can't tell how fast I am driving so I just try to go a little slower than the flow of traffic. Hopefully my DH can get it fixed before we run out of gas (that gauge is not working either).

6. I have three loads of laundry in my living room to fold and put away. Don't make me, please.

7. I finally finished my picture of a Nephite temple. I will post it asap, but I am honestly not real happy with it. When I post it you can give me feedback. I may choose to re-do it.

Scripture of the Day: Moses 2:28


  1. We've had nasty sickness here, too (which means little sleep for mom, of course . . . ugh).

    Hope everyone's better soon (including your dashboard and your gas gauge!)

  2. The only thing that gets me to exercise ever is the social aspect of it. I am not good at doing it alone, but get me with a friend and I am willing to do just about anything! So sorry about your daughter being sick. And sorry about your dashboard. I hope you get it fixed soon.

  3. I need some more grown up socialization.

    Sorry to see your car is having trouble. Mine is finally in the shop. We are just waiting to see what is wrong and how much it is going to cost.

    The laundry will always be there waiting to be wash, dryed and folded. Don't worry about it.

    Looking forward to seeing your picture.


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