Friday, July 17, 2009

Angel's Inspiration

Some friends of mine are currently visiting Germany and sent me some pictures (last three shown below) of a church in Wiesbaden. This church was one of the ones studied by Truman O. Angel, the architect of the Salt Lake Temple. Angel was sent by Brigham Young in 1856 to Europe to study the architecture there. I think it is pretty cool to see the similarities and inspiration he received for the temple. Below is a picture of the Salt Lake temple for you to compare. What do you think?

Scripture of the Day: Job 19: 25-26


  1. I'm pretty sure Angel was sent to Europe on a mission to learn architecture, just like a lot of artists were sent on missions to learn art before during murals inside temples.

    These pictures are way cool--to me they show he WAS influenced by what he saw. But it's not a shock at all. If that makes sense.

  2. How amazing, I love architecture never thought about studing those who have built the temples. Intresting story.

  3. What an interesting story about the architecture of the Salt Lake Temple.

    I was also wondering if you wouldn't mind sending me the .pdf file that Stefany from Pikes Pickles sent you of the game called Scripture Taboo that you played with your achievement girls. If you still have it, my email is Thanks! Love your blog!

  4. That is really interesting. Great pictures!


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