Monday, July 20, 2009

Member Missionary Moment #10

This post is part of a year long series where each week I strive to complete and item from a list of 101 Ways to do Member Missionary Work. Feel free to join me in the work!

This week's moment was taken from Section 2, the first idea there--namely, "Have the missionaries over for dinner. Use this time to become familiar with the people the missionaries are teaching and focusing their reactivation efforts on."

So I signed up to have the sister missionaries over for dinner. Lately when I have signed up I have had to take their meal down to them at the Visitor's Center at the temple. But this time I had the option of having them to our home for dinner, so I took them up on it knowing I could use it for my blog.

Sisters Beazer and de Oliviera {I just can't seem to pronounce the latter one no matter how hard I try!} came over on Friday night for pizza and salad. Sister B. is from Idaho and Sister d'O is from Brazil. They serve in three different wards and are only teaching one person in our ward area currently (which is not surprising since the ward is about .33 square miles--talk about your high density LDS area). But they also serve down at the Visitor's Center and get to meet people from all over when there.

Before leaving Sister B. shared a few scriptures with our family about having enthusiasm for missionary work. She chose verses associated with the sons of Mosiah and their missionary service to the Lamanites, noting how they had a vision and worked hard to achieve that vision. She then challenged us to write down our vision of missionary work as a family and make a list of things we could do to work toward accomplishing that vision. We will need to work on that during FHE tonight.

I did mention to them I was going to blog about their dinner visit. I even got my camera out and had it ready to take their picture to post, but then decided not to. Not that they did not look nice, but I figured I might be asking too much at that point.

Scripture of the Day: Proverbs 3:5-6

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