Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're Having a Heat Wave

Oh, it is so hot out today! It is making me sluggish. And the thought of cooking dinner is not good. In fact, instead of thinking about making dinner, I have compiled this list of things I would just rather not do when it is 110 degrees or hotter outside. Feel free to add your own ideas in a comment:

- Drive anywhere, especially if you don't have a/c. Or get stuck in a traffic jam.

- Wait. Like when you arrive a few minutes early to pick up your kids and you have to wait and end up in a puddle of sweat.

- Cook. Oven and stove should be off-limits! Pressure cookers are the worst.

- Use the dryer. Yikes! Maybe fluff is okay.

- Exercising, especially outside (except for swimming). Even at 5 am it will be 85+ degrees.

- Get the family ready for church. Or for family pictures. Not fun!

- Going to the drive-in movies or restaurant.

- Shopping at an outdoor mall. The alternating blasts of heat with cold air conditioning does a number on my skin.

- Yard work. Occasionally I will get up with the sun to pull a few weeds, but even then...

Scripture of the Day: Joshua 1:8


  1. we have had to be house hunting.. been looking at mostly foreclosures
    so most do not have power on.. not even ceiling fans can be utilized.. inside some of these homes are 100+ no breeze..
    our car thermometer when we were in glendale today said 115.. yep! heat wave!

    so i would not like to be house hunting..

  2. "But it's a dry heat". . .If I hear that one more time I may scream--those saying it have never experienced 115(or higher) during monsoon season when it is not all that dry outside. :) NOTHING should be done but reading a good book directly under the AC :)

  3. I know our heat wave does not compare to yours.

    The heat really does zap all my energy.

    Everything has to be done early in the morning or late in the evening. Tonight it just doesn't seem like there is any cool. NO central air here!!!


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