Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movie Night Suggestion

If you are looking for a good, clean video rental here is a new suggestion for you: Bride Wars (rated PG; see trailer for the movie here). I did not see this in the theater and was only mildly interested in renting it, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. The plot actually had some good themes and messages, especially for girls. And I particularly liked the ending -- it was grounded and more fulfilling than a formula movie would have been.

Drawbacks: 1. The two main characters are living with their boyfriends/finaces--but there are no bedroom scenes. 2. There is a scene at a strip club where a guy is shown in his underwear, but otherwise everyone else is clothed. 3. Short skirts, strapless wedding dresses, and other non-For the Strength of Youth compliant outfits are worn (still, pretty mainstream for modern standards).

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 1:18


  1. I have seen this. Very cute.

  2. I also enjoyed most of this movie however I'd plan on Fast Forwarding the strip club scene if you can. I was a bit shocked when this scene came about because the rest of the movie had been pretty good. On top of the clothing issues I felt very uncomfortable by the types of provocative movements during the scene. Not a necessary scene to watch to catch the overall storyline and message of the movie. :)

  3. I like bride wars also. Thought it was funny.

  4. Maybe better to watch it with a Clearplay?

    Sounds like a cute movie. I always hate it when a really cute movie has one objectionable scene that could easily have been left out.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Today I was actually looking for ideas for a good chick flick. The boys are camping with their dad this weekend so it's a good time for me to watch this type of movie. :-)

  6. Love a good movie recommendation, especially since so much of what Hollywood gives us is pure garbage! I've heard that www.kidsinmind.com gives very very detailed reviews (for us adults who care, that's nice too!) have you ever used that?


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