Friday, July 3, 2009

Police Beat #45

Happy Friday
Fourth of July!

June 23: A BYU operator received a call from a juvenile from the Wilkinson Center courtesy phone stating there was a bomb. Police responded but could not find anyone. There were many EFY participants in the area. No bomb was found.

(Comment: I think about half the boys who go to EFY do something like that. You'd think the campus police would be onto them by now.)

June 16: Someone reported seeing a man in the stadium with a rifle. The police responded and found out it was a grounds employee sent to eliminate pigeons with a pellet gun. Officers stopped him. The man was not able to shoot any pigeons.

(Comment: A lucky day for the pigeons! Maybe tonight's fireworks will get them, though!)

June 20: A stray cat fell into a mechanical well and couldn’t get out. Officers responded and rescued the cat.

(Comment: Three lives down, six lives to go.)

June 18: A 10-year-old girl was found wandering in the WSC crying. She had wandered away from a sports camp and was returned.

(Comment: This happened to me, only at Circus Circus. Yeah, my parents liked Vegas. Do you have a problem with that?)

June 23: A juvenile attending a sports camp on campus was caught stealing headphones from the Bookstore. The juvenile was arrested and released to parents.

(Comment: More sins are caused by that evil rock and roll music than should be!)

June 25: Graffiti was found at the bus stop next to the law library. The phrase “There are angels among us” was written in black permanent marker.

(Comment: They should be more grateful for celestial-themed graffiti. At ASU they write, "There are devils among us." [sun devils are the mascot there])

Scripture of the Day: Moses 7:18


  1. Too funny!(Especially the part about ASU) I got lost at the zoo once when I was five. The saddest thing is while I was lost everyone else went and rode the train so I missed out on that fun event. So sad. Happy Fourth!!


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