Friday, July 24, 2009

Police Beat #48

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July 15: Money was reported stolen from a vendor working at the Stadium of Fire.

(Comment: Strange it took him more than a week to report it. My guess is that that those earnings have gone up in smoke. {I know, bad pun.})

July 11: An officer responded to a report of a child found at the Creamery on Ninth. At the same time, a man from Wymount Terrace reported his child missing. Father and child we reunited.

(Comment: Smart kid running away to the Creamery. That's exactly where I would run away to if I could.)

July 13: A young lady reported that an ex-fiance keeps harassing her through e-mails, texts, phone calls and Facebook messages.

(Comment: Definitely someone who will likely be un-friended.)

July 12: A couple took their dog into the JRCB. A custodian told them dogs are not allowed in the building.

(Comment: The blind couple complied by leaving their dog outside and then felt their way to the classroom.)

July 15: Juveniles were reported doing tricks and jumping over stairways on their bikes near the ESC. They were gone when police arrived.

(Comment: There are now skid and tred marks marks on the Foucault Pendulum.)

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 53:3-5

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