Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale...

A month or so ago I realized my kids had no idea what Gilligan's Island was--and I was shocked. How could they not know about Gilligan's Island, one of the shows I was practically raised on!?! Every day after school I watched Gilligan, the Skipper, "and the rest" perform their funny antics trying to get off that darn island. Such good memories! After this realization I added Gilligan's Island on my Netflix queue and waited.

Early last week disk 1 of season 1 came. I made the kids sit down to watch it and could not wait to see how much they would love it. I was not disappointed! They watched all eight episodes on the disk at least three times before I sent it back (when it is 115 degrees here you watch a lot of movies and stuff). Yesterday the second disk arrived and I have been walking around the house singing along with "the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, the professor and Mary Ann..."

Did you do it?

Mentally you added " on Gilligan's Island", didn't you?

I knew it!

Just a little side note: I was surprised to read on Wikipedia that Gilligan's Island only ran for three seasons originally. There were also three movies. But the real popularity came with syndication. Another interesting tidbit is the actual names of the characters: the Skipper's real name was Jonas Gumby; Mrs. Howell's real first name was not "Lovey" but Eunice; the professor's name was Roy Hinckley; and Mary Ann's last name was Summers. No last name for Gilligan was ever given in the show or movies.

Sorry for that little tangent--I always am interested in little details like those. But what I love most about Gilligan's Island now is how great it is for kids to watch. It is clean and funny. It teaches kids to be problem solvers and to keep trying despite great odds. And it teaches that despite coming from varied backgrounds people can cooperate and work together to succeed. All great lessons.

Thanks, Gilligan.

Scripture of the Day: Ezekiel 37: 15-17


  1. I love it - I have always wanted to buy the Little House on the Prarie series. hmmmm?

  2. What fun!! While reading your blog I started thinking Gilligan's Island would be a fun party theme. People could come as the different characters and we could give them different challenges to achieve in order to get "off" the island. We could then watch one or two of the episodes during dessert. I think I may have to have a party soon! :-)

  3. Love the party idea! That would be so fun--I may have to throw such a party myself :-). It would be fun for a farewell to summer type of thing.

  4. I Love Gilligan's island! I wish they still had awesome theme songs for tv shows like that. Classics through netflix is a great idea!


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