Thursday, July 9, 2009

Storied Scriptures

If you are wanting to help your children (or yourself) learn Old Testament stories this list by Penny Gardner is very helpful and would make a good family scripture study series. Sister Gardner has broken the Old Testament up into six parts and lists story names and references of where to read. There are a number of stories I myself and not very familiar with, so I may be using this soon. Gardner has also put together lists of stories and their references for the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. Enjoy!

Scripture of the Day: Exodus 33:11


  1. Oh, this looks lovely! I'll definitely be checking out those links. And that picture of Abraham and Isaac is great too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Becky-thanks for visiting my blog--- I love the ideas with the diary of a whimping kid! What a great Idea!! Can I post that on my website??

  3. Swirl, Sure you can post it on your website. I have been using your other outlines for 5 other books (today is The Sherlock Files), so I am glad to be able to contribute. Becky


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