Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patch's Big Accomplishment

Last December I told Patch I would buy him an iPod if he would read the Book of Mormon before he turns 12 in October. So all year long, every few days, he would report to me (without me even asking) where he was or how many chapters he had read the previous night. Last night before he went to bed he had four chapters left, but about a half an hour later he came in to tell me he had finished! I am really proud of him and this accomplishment. In my mind it is totally worth the cost of the iPod to know he has been reading his scriptures regularly and has read the whole Book of Mormon. Tonight we will be heading off to Costco to make the purchase! Way to go Patch!

Scripture of the Day: Jeremiah 16:16


  1. Wow! That is amazing. Way to go! What a great incentive.

  2. Patch! You are one awesome guy! That's so impressive.

    Enjoy the iPod, buddy!

  3. great accomplishment! i might have to make that kind of deal with my grandson!
    he started the BofM when school got out
    for summer vacation. good summer reading for a young boy.

  4. That is so AWESOME!! Now do you want to buy me an I-Pod for reading the BOM?! I am the only one in my house without an I=Pod or MP3. (0;

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