Saturday, July 11, 2009

Police Beat #46

Hope you are having a great weekend!

June 26: A domestic violence complaint was made at Wymount Terrace. Officers discovered the couple to be having a loud argument.

(Comment: Sounds like the honeymoon is over for those newlyweds!)

July 3: Officers responded to a suspicious person at the Bookstore upset about the deodorant selection. The person picked up a stick of deodorant, kicked it across the floor, then paid for the deodorant and left.

(Comment: Maybe this guy would have better success with his deodorant selection if he used it in his armpits rather than on his feet.)

June 29: Officers responded to an oven fire in Bowen Hall. Occupants had put out the fire before officers arrived.

(Comment: I know for sure that I would not think to call the cops if the oven caught on fire. Maybe the fire department... but when it happened to me I called my mom. Am I abnormal?)

July 1: A report was made of a group of people trespassing on the baseball field. Officers were not able to locate the group of people.

(Comment: They must have hid under the bases or behind the pitcher's mound.)

July 3: Two female students were found trespassing in the Smoot Courtroom at the J. Reuben Clark Building. The women were identified and asked to leave.

(Comment: Judge Judy was helping Judge Sonia Sotomayor prep for her upcoming Congressional hearings.)

Scripture of the Day: Leviticus 19:18


  1. Re: June 29. My friend, a volunteer firefighter, assures me that NOBODY ever calls the fire department because they did something smart. Perhaps there could be something similar said of the police department?

  2. LOL.....thanks for the good laugh.


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