Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wendy Whiner

Yep, just a little whining fest today:

1. My fridge died on Sunday and I have been trying to keep fridge items cold with ice ever since. We bought a new fridge last evening and it will be delivered tomorrow.

2. My van is not working, but at least I have the car back now to drive (for the past six weeks we had loaned it to my MIL). Still, a van repair is in the near future.

3. The lawn mower has been on the fritz for several weeks now.

4. I just made some repairs to my laptop, but the router still needs to be replaced.

Odds are on Saturday (when the temp is supposed to hit 115 degrees here) that my air conditioning will die (it is 20 years old). Or maybe a water heater will flood. Or the roof will leak. Or we could get termites. I am all excited to see what it will be next {said with dripping cynicism}.

I feel like I have had my fair share. So my plea to the angels governing fix-it costs is to move on to the next victim. I am more than done!

Thanks for listening.

I feel much better.

Scripture of the Day: Genesis 39:9


  1. Instead of Wendy Whiner, how about Whitney Whiner? It does seem like when it rains it pours. About the A/C, you could always talk to Shawn about a trade out. He has a very successful A/C business with Paul Miller. They could really use some advertising advice for their A/C Service and Repair. Email me. It wouldn't hurt to talk to Shawn about it.

  2. Yeah, I'd say you deserve a break!

  3. That whole rainy-day fund thing is the biggest thorn in my side because stuff like this just. keeps. happening. I KNOW that's what it's supposed to be there for, but I hate always having to restore it.

  4. Wendy, sorry about the Wendy usage; I was capitalizing on SNL's Bob and Wendy Whiner sketch from ages ago. But Whitney is definitely better!

    Steph, You are right about replenishing the rainy day fund. No fun at all. And this go around means I will be working at it for quite some time. I am glad to have it to rely on, though.

  5. Ugh, Becky! I'm so sorry. I HATE it when things like this happen!

  6. I think something must be in the air here. I can relate a bit to your need to whine. My oven went out this morning--just died. The stove works though. And our well pump broke again, and all we could get out is dirty water. We are leaving for a trip in the morning and needed to wash all our laundry, but washing clothes in brown water isn't such a great thing.

    BUT . . . think good thoughts!!--like how your air conditioning will work perfectly on Saturday. You don't want to put a curse on it. :-)

  7. I hope things get better for you quickly.

  8. Seriously, when are you bringing that van over here so I can look at it. I also have an old wireless router I'm not using if you need it.


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