Friday, April 4, 2008

Down and Derby

Last night was our ward's pine wood derby. Patch is a Webelos this year, so this is his last year to race. As he was preparing his car he decided to try and go for the Flat Tire Award--a cake given to the slowest car in the race. I was not too sure about this because I wanted him to try to do his best. But he persisted in the idea and worked with his dad on how to make the car slow. When they took the car to weigh-in the wheels were only taped on with clear packaging tape. The Cubmaster told them the Flat Tire Award only went to the car that was slowest but could still cross the finish line. So then Steve hollowed out the body of the car (to make it light) and attached the wheels.

At the race Patch's car was able to cross the finish line. And he was SO excited when he lost his first three races. It looked like the cake was all his. But then in one race another car lost to his! They had to have a run-off to see whose was actually the slowest. In the end, Patch prevailed and won the beloved Flat Tire Award. When I asked him if he was sorry he did not try harder to actually win the race he said, "No. Getting to actually make the car with dad was way better winning the race would have been." {sniffles and tears}

(Thanks to Amazing Becky for suggesting this idea as a post!)

Scripture of the Day: D&C 20:37

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