Monday, April 14, 2008

Gorgeous Green Onions

Last night Steve ran over to his parents' house with Sweetie Peach and Kitty. When they came back they brought these gorgeous green onions from my father-in-law's garden. They are at least three times the diameter of a normal green onion--some four times. And the length is about the same as my forearm. I love the deep purple color on the bulb parts. In fact, I did not know green onions would turn purple like this.

Anyway, I left the onions on the counter last night and when we got up this morning the smell of onion in the air was quite pungent. So I set in to getting them chopped up and in the freezer right away. I started by cutting them up with a knife, but the fumes were too powerful for my eyes. Talk about stinging and tears! So then I pulled out my trusty food processor to do the trick. The fumes were still strong, but at least I did not have to suffer as long. Here is the gallon ziplock bag results after the chopping. Does this qualify for a year's supply?
Scripture of the Day: 3 Ne. 11:26

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