Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shoe Shopping Anyone?

So, a few days ago I was kind of in a funk and got to looking at some of my shoes. A lot of them looked awful! I mean YUCK, how- could- I- possibly- be- wearing- these- in- public- TERRIBLE. So I purged and threw about half of them away. Now before you start to think, "Wow, that was a rash move!" you should know that I only owned about a dozen pair of shoes in total. Now you're probably thinking, "How does she get by with only a dozen?" The truth is that I am picky when it comes to my shoes. Here are my criteria:

1. No between the toes straps (I can't bear the thought of getting a blister between my toes any more!)

2. Nothing higher than 2 inches (my ankles are too weak and I am apt to hurt myself)

3. Comfort is essential (I am getting too old for aching feet)

4. Cheap (I prefer the shoes wear out as fast as I get tired of them or they go out of fashion)

With all this pickiness you will be relieved to know I have already bought 3 pairs of new shoes as replacements. I found 2 pair at Target (actually two colors of the same style of shoe) and 1 at Wal-Mart. With these on hand I am in no rush to buy more, but will take my time looking and enjoying the shopping excursions. Anyone up for a trip to Last Chance?

Scripture of the Day: 2 Ne. 9:23

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