Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall is in the Air

Maybe I am just willing it here, but I can practically taste it... FALL! I love fall. It is my favorite season of the year. (Although here in Arizona there are really only three seasons.) So my anticipation is building and the excitement is growing because fall is almost here.

Every year as fall draws near I get the urge to watch You've Got Mail. I love the seasons in that film. There is the fun fall festival and the scene celebrating Thanksgiving. And remember some of the great lines in it that have to do with fall? "A bouquet of sharpened pencils." And don't you think Meg Ryan's hairstyle in You've Got Mail is just so cute? Much better than some of her other film hairdos.

On Saturday my friend Heather and I went to a darling fall festival at the Blissful Living Studio. They had so many cute crafts and a fun fall schedule of classes to look forward to. Seeing all the Halloween and pumpkin decor really got me in the mood for fall. And the decorations there have inspired me as to decorating my house soon. I think I will put together a fun display on my entry hall table.

Another fall thing I look forward to is getting out my thick, warm comforter and putting away the cool summer bedclothes.There is just something about snuggling down under nice warm blankets. I am hoping within the next month I will be able to do this. The change is always so nice.

Other things I love about fall:

Our neighborhood Halloween block party
Hay rides
oh, and...
my birthday!

Hurry up fall. I can't wait!

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 58:13


  1. Fall is my favorite too! The trees here are all changing already...

  2. I am excited for fall too, but I am not excited about the winter! Maybe I will have to take some pictures for you of the leaves and you can live through the color changes that way!

  3. Man, I haven't checked your blog for a bit obviously & you have lots of great posts.

    I wanted to go to that thing on Sat. but we were out of town. I've really been wanting to go check that place out, but never have the time. My birthday is in October (yours too?) and I told my husband I want the day of Sat. the 18th to do my own stuff. Domestic Bliss is doing another all day fair thing then too. Should be fun.


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