Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning

Don't you love slow, lazy mornings? I do. I wish I had one this morning.

I awoke this morning to the feeling of Sweetie Peach climbing into my bed. It wasn't all that early, but it was during a dream that I would rather have forgotten. You know those not-quite-a-nightmare kind, but definitely not pleasant? This one involved a child falling down a long flight of concrete steps and landing on his head. Sad, huh? Any one for dream interpreting out there?

After a few minutes of pondering what that lousy dream was all about I got up and started into my routine. While eating my breakfast Sweetie Peach came and snuggled close to me again and I realized she was awfully warm. She also complained her head hurt. I got some baby aspirin for her to eat, so the fever is down somewhat and her head is not hurting so much.

Then I was off to make everyone else breakfast--a Sunday tradition of muffins, scrambled eggs, and fruit. I started doing this three years ago when we had church at 8:30 am and I was concerned about getting everyone out of bed and ready on time. My solution was to get them all to the table to eat by 7:15 am; then afterwards they could go and get ready for church. The strategy worked well. It is my kids' favorite breakfast of the week. Although it looks like Sweetie Peach will not be eating it this morning...

And now I am off on a walk to deliver the nursery manual to Mimi since it is either her or her husband's turn to teach this week and I forgot to get them the manual earlier in the week. After my walk I will need to get ready for church, put Sunday dinner items to cook in the crock pot, and help the kids get ready for church.

But what I really want to do is go back to bed and try waking up again with a pleasant dream.

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Scripture of the Day: #9 Thou Shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor -- Proverbs 12:22

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