Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged

My niece Melissa tagged me to get me to tell a few
things about myself. So here goes:

8 Favorite TV Shows:
Project Runway
The Office
The news
Masterpiece Theater
Rachel Ray Show
Gilmore Girls (I am still holding out for season 8/movie)

Favorite Restaurants:
(I hardly ever eat out, but here's what I came up with)
Olive Garden
The Landmark
Autumn Moon (for take-out only)
Paradise Bakery
Pei Wei

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
Ran carpool
Worked on some bank reconciliations for my mom
Went to the public library
Made dinner (tuna casserole)
Taught FHE
Changed the sheets on my bed
Did a load of laundry

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
Cooler weather
General Conference
My birthday
Reaching goal/lifetime at Weight Watchers
The day we can replace our old minivan
The day we can redo our kitchen
Serving a mission as a senior

8 Things on My Wish List:
Good books to read
A day at the salon for the works
A new outfit from Coldwater Creek
Night out--dinner and the movies
A little bling for my ears
A new(er) car
A new kitchen
A trip to Yellowstone next summer

I am supposed to tag 8 people, but I will just stick to 2:
Jody and Misi

Scripture of the Day: #7 -- Genesis 2:24


  1. Whew- I always love reading these. HOWEVER - I get a panicky feeling midway through because I am afraid I'll be tagged. Hooray I eeked through on this one.

  2. I was just thinking how fun it would be if you took the kids to Yellowstone next summer! It is only 2 hours from us and I was thinking how fun it would be to see you guys on the way! Our bedroom window faces the one highway to get to Yellowstone! I am definitely voting that for your summer vacation!


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