Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scripture Vocabulary

One of the downsides of using the KJ version of the Bible is that the language is unfamiliar and challenging--especially for kids. And the language of the BoM is pretty much the same. Be sure to take a second or two to explain (by repeating using a good synonym) to your children to help them better understand what the scriptures are really saying.

I am in the process of compiling a list of definitions of the more common but challenging scripture vocabulary words that children need help learning. Please excuse these simplified definitions; my point is to be able to help younger kids, so the definitions might not be as exact or detailed as what you might find in an official dictionary.

Every once in a while I will add to the list with an additional post. But here are the beginnings:

Adversary: Satan or another person who is against you

Begat: became the parent of (i.e., Abraham begat Isaac)

Charity: to love and/or care about

Epistle: a letter

Exceedingly: very

Hypocrite: someone who says one thing, but then does the opposite

Persecuted: teased or laughed at for a belief

Ponder: to think about something a lot

Privily: privately or secretly

Raiment: clothing

Thee, thou, thy: all forms of the word "you" in referring to Heavenly Father or Christ

Thine: yours, in referring to Heavenly Father or Christ

Wroth: angry

Ye: also meaning you

Yea: yes

Scripture of the Day: #3 -- Joshua 2:17

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