Sunday, September 7, 2008

Recovering Book Addict

The book that stole my Saturday
afternoon and evening.

So what is it about a good book that is so thoroughly addicting?

Why is it some books thrill you so much it becomes impossible to lay them down?

I love the urgency of learning detail after detail until the plot comes to its breathless crescendo and then folds itself up neatly and softly fades away. A book like this is the best way to forget about personal troubles and lose yourself in a far away dream land.

The only problem to this comes in consequence to being a mother, an employee, and (at times) a wife. Only when I read a book of this caliber do I find it perfectly acceptable to let my 5-year old Sweetie Peach make her own lunch of peanut and jelly sandwich, applesauce, and chips. I could care less about the sticky (not to mention crunchy) counter and floor left after this culinary accomplishment was achieved. I must read!

Only when reading addicted books do I find myself able to rationalize the delay of working on my reports expected by my boss. Certainly I can stay up a few extra hours, or get up earlier than usual, to take care of the work assignments due tomorrow. I must read!

Only when engrossed it this kind of literary delight am I able to ignore my spouse's evil eye as he comes home from work to find the children and house in a shambles. "Marriage is a partnership," I think to myself. "Today it is his turn to do the cleaning and caring. He'll appreciate me more for having to do it himself." I must read!

Saturday was like this after I made the decision to purchase a book that looked interesting. I got home from shopping and sat down to read. At six o'clock pm (after three hours of reading) when Kitty complained she was starving I reluctantly put the book down and started a pot of rice to cook (so I would have a reason to get back to reading). I read until five minutes before the rice was done and then threw together the ingredients for haystacks. Fifteen minutes later I had served dinner, eaten my own, and was back to my lovely book where I stayed until finishing it at 10 pm.

I did feel a bit guilty after I finished: I had sent the kids to bed with a call of affection and a reminder for them to say their prayers as they shuffled down the hallway. No tucking in. No bedtime kisses. What kind of mother am I? I blame it all on the book. It was too addictive.

Do you have another one I can read?

Scripture of the Day: #3 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain -- Lev. 18:21


  1. I am a book addict as well. At least you are "recovering". I make no excuses. I am a book addict. I keep rereading my favorites, so that I can easily (some of the time) put the books down. My husband says, "You are reading Pride and Prejudice again? Didn't you just read that last month?" Yes, and your point is...?

    If I order some of your awesome projects, will you hand deliver them and stay for lunch?

  2. Becky! i posted the giveaway.
    it's up finally. check it out and let me know what you think and link back of course. i think people will be super excited.

  3. oh and i am totally a neglectful book addict too. my house goes to heck when i read.

  4. I just followed Crazymama over here.

    I HAD to comment on this post. I am an Anita Stansfield addict. I simply CANNOT put her books done when I get a new one. Do you have the other volumes that follow this one? I am pretty partial to this book because they end up in Iowa, about 45 minutes from where I live! You MUST get the 2nd and 3rd volumes for this series! My DH gave the 3 of them to me for Christmas. Thankfully (Unfortunately?) I ended up getting sick the next day and was in bed for 2 days! At least I had some reading material!!!

    Have you read her Emma novel. SO great! She has another one that just came out - its on my list.

    I just started Stephenie Meyers books. I finished the 1st 2 books within 4 days. Thankfully DH is gone this week, so I have my nights free to read!!! LOL

  5. I do not have the follow-up versions to this book (YET!)... can't wait to read them. And the Stephenie Meyer's books are real page-turners too! I also like Rachel Nunes books because they are charming and very humorous.


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