Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks Mom

My parents and I at Chartier in Paris

I have such a great mom! She is talented in many different ways and is a fabulous grandmother. Just yesterday she and my dad got back from a business trip to Chicago. While there she picked up some darling nightgowns for Kitty and Sweetie Peach. The girls had been complaining a few weeks ago about how they wanted new nightgowns, but all we could find were regular pajamas. I had completely forgotten the conversation, but my mom hadn't.

And last night when my parents stopped by for a few minutes she brought a copy of my family newsletter from last month. Every month I write a one-page newsletter for extended family. I usually save a copy in a binder as a historical account for our family. But somehow I forgot to do that last month. So I called my mom (knowing she has been trying to save her copies) and sure enough she had hers. She even went so far as to make a copy of it, which she kept for herself, and then gave me back the original.

My mom is also helping me to bribe my kids into making good choices and working hard in school. We had a little problem with Kitty and a spelling test a few weeks ago. I was worried about the situation and talked about it afterward with my mom. After Steve and I have done what we could to help as parents, my mom also told Kitty if she got 90% or better on three tests in a row she could choose a reward: power shopping with my mom, a pedicure, or a movie. Kitty is very motivated now!

Anyway, I was grateful for these thoughtful acts of kindness my mom extended just this weekend. She is always doing things like these, but I don't say "thanks" often enough. Thanks mom!

Scripture of the Day: #4 Exodus 31:17

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