Thursday, September 4, 2008

This and That

I am always on the lookout for scripture study ideas to post. This morning I stumbled across this nice booklet on the Creation you can print out. It has good photos and drawings that children would enjoy. And in addition to using it for a scripture study session, it would likely work nicely as something for kids to look at during the sacrament. So throw it in your church bag and pull it out when needed.

Speaking of church bags, why is it they are always a big mess? Here is a list of what I found in mine when cleaning it out this morning:

6 used sacrament cups (my kids think it's fun to keep them)
3 fliers for a ward activity that took place two weeks ago
3 nearly completely used pads of paper
2 clear mint wrappers
2 rulers (one purple one with tracing shape cut outs)
2 folder games
1 coloring book (found in foyer and adopted)
1 Go-Fish game
1 quad
1 mini hymnal
1 green pencil sharpener with shavings catcher
1 travel package of Kleenex (half used)
1 photo of me and Sweetie Peach removed from bulletin board at church
1 used Kleenex
1 hair clip with pearls
1 princess-themed charm bracelet (child size)
1 black permanent marker
1 pink pencil case full of crayons (+2 crayons found stray in the bag)
1 blue pencil case full of colored pencils (+2 colored pencils found stray in the bag)
1 #2 pencil
1 Kotex light days pad (just in case ;)
1 bookmark with photo of my niece on it
1 travel size Magna Doodle (or as my kids call it, "magnet noodle")
1 VT interview reminder card from last year
1 safety pin
1 car key
1 beaded necklace crafted by Kitty
1 Barbie lipgloss
My missionary lessons flip chart
various other unidentifiable trash items

You may note that all of this is just to make it through sacrament meeting; none of it is for my calling in the nursery. Just to give you a picture of me on Sunday mornings going from the car to the building, envision this: me carrying this bag of sacrament meeting survival needs, my 4-inch thick nursery lesson binder, usually one of my kid's scripture totes, and a lunchbox with the nursery snack items (granted this is only every other week). I am beginning to think I need a shopping cart to get it all into the church building.

So what is in your church bag? What survival items do you have in your bag that keep you from getting kicked off the island? I think I will tag Shazbraz and Kim with the challenge of this post. I want to see, photo included!

Scripture of the Day: #2: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images -- 2 Kings 17:12


  1. I am SOOO glad you didn't tag me. THAT would be downright shameful.

    Be sure and stop by the blog today - it's a good one.

  2. Ha ha Becky! That is a really funny post. I will gladly play (sorry I've been a little busy this week and just now saw that you tagged me.)
    I'll try and do it tomorrow!


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