Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Month, New Theme

Yeah for the arrival of October! October means cooler weather, harvest time, pumpkins, costumes, candy corns (YUM!), apples, and Halloween, of course!

The new scripture study theme for October is Fruits of the Harvest--scriptures about harvest time, reaping, and sowing. The scriptures are a little more varied this go around because the harvest theme is used in several different ways. This will allow you to teach your family about the Law of the Harvest (you reap what you sow), missionary work (the field is white and ready to harvest), and the resurrection (Christ is the first fruits of the resurrection). So there should be lots of good family scripture discussions in October.

To make this theme fun I have made a matching game--Pumpkin Patch Match. There is a poster of a pumpkin patch and then jack-o-lantern pieces. The object of the game is to match which jack-o-lantern was made from which pumpkin. My kids are rarin' to go with this one because it looks like lots of fun.

And then to make it even more seasonal, I have decided to put the numbers 1 through 30 on my jack-o-lanterns and use it as a count down calendar for Halloween. On Halloween day itself we will carve a REAL jack-o-lantern and read a few Halloween scriptures (which I will post later).

So, if there are a few people out there who want to test out this theme for me, let me know by sending me an e-mail.

Hip-hip-hooray for October!


  1. Becky My kids will love that. Very cute.

  2. I would love to test it out for you. My kids would love it!!!


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