Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Journal Enrichment Night

An "action" shot of Heather (r) and Konni (l) at the dessert table.
(All right you caught me! I did partake, even though I am trying to watch those sugar grams!)

Last night I was a guest speaker in Saratoga Ward's quarterly Enrichment night speaking about the use of blogging and other forms as a way to journal. Saratoga Ward is in Gilbert, which is where I used to live. It was really fun seeing old neighbors, good friends, and familiar faces. The best part about speaking to a group of familiar faces is the relaxed atmosphere it lends to... I wasn't nervous to speak at all. I did feel as though I rambled on telling my story and experiences, so maybe I should have been more nervous. Still it was a fun experience. After my schpiel they made darling journals out of composition books by decorating the covers with scrapbooking paper, ric rack, faux jewels, and some cutout phrases (i.e., inspired). I was told I could make one, but I really needed to head home. But I may just have to make one on my own...
Just getting started on the journals

Scripture of the Day: #4 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy -- Genesis 2:2

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