Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 5 Ws

Keep in mind when reading scriptures as a family that the more background you can give, the better your children will understand and appreciate the scriptures. If you feel inadequate in your knowledge of the background, then make answering the 5 Ws part of your family study assignment.

  • Who: Look for who is speaking or writing the verse(s) being studied. This is usually found in the chapter heading.
  • What: Determine the main topic of the verse(s)--if it is part of a story, for what church talk topic might you use this story? Look at the footnotes for TG (Topical Guide) synonyms.
  • Where: At what location was the verse(s) given? Occasionally this is given in chapter headings, but you may have to search earlier verses to find where.
  • When: What year is it? The dates for verses are given down by the footnotes in the Book of Mormon; in the D&C check the section header.
  • Why: What precipitated the writing of these verses? Sometimes the why is given, other times you and your family may have to think of possible reasons.

Working together as a family to answer these 5 Ws will help your kids learn how to use footnotes, chapter headings, and other study helps (such as the Bible Dictionary or Topical Guide). Additionally, you will find there will be more family discussion about the scriptures read in general.

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Scripture of the Day: 2 Nephi 9:28-29


  1. Thank you for this wonderful scripture helper. I plan on using it in my own personal study.

  2. hey becky,
    really only 2 big kids were home . one was sick. one came home mid morning.
    and one was Pierce and he was a preschool all morning. now if i would have said there were 5 home, that would have been a different story.


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