Sunday, September 27, 2009

Play General Conference Millionaire for FHE

This is a little game I wrote for sharing time today. It is based on the television game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? It went pretty good, so I thought it might be a fun game to use for family night tomorrow in an effort to prepare for general conference next weekend.

How to play:

  • One adult is needed to be the moderator/host who reads the questions to the contestants.
  • A second adult (with a phone) is needed off-site who can be the "expert."
  • A family member is chosen to be the first contestant. The host reads a $1 question and lets the contestant give an answer. If the answer is correct then the host asks the $10 question. As long as the contestant keeps giving the correct responses then the host continues to ask higher dollar amount questions.
  • I gave the primary kids three of the "helps" that are offered on the game show: phone the expert (using an actual telephone call); switch the question (to another one of equal dollar value); and ask the audience (any other family members present). Each of these "helps" can only be used once.
  • Once the contestant gives an incorrect answer, their turn ends and another contestant gets a turn.
  • I did not offer prizes since it was Primary, but it would have been cute to have some $1000 Grand candy bars or some other type of reward to offer.



The person leading GC sessions is said to be: a. conducting; b. driving, c. bossing (a)

Which of the following might be a topic spoken on during GC: a. pizza, b. giraffes, c. Jesus (c)

Which book is often quoted from in GC: a. Harry Potter, b. BOM, c. Curious George (b)

At the end of each talk speakers usually: a. say goodbye, b. give a sigh of relief, c. testify (c)

Raising our hand to show support for the church leaders is called: a. sustaining, b. voting, c. stretching (a)

At the beginning and end of each session, these are said: a. poems, b. prayers, c. Gregorian chants (b)


T or F: only men speak in GC. (false)

T or F: Those speaking in GC fasted and prayed before writing their talks. (true)

T or F: We should not study the words spoken in GC. (false)

T or F: President Hinckley encouraged church members to use GC talks for FHE lessons. (true)

T or F: GC talks are considered to be scripture (true)

T or F: A ticket is required to get into GC. (true)


Name the prophet who will preside at GC next week. (Monson)

Name one of President Monson’s counselors. (Uchdorf or Eyring)

Name two foreign languages GC is translated into. (Many answers here)

Name two ways people can participate in (see/hear) GC. (internet, radio, TV, etc.)

Name two reverent activities kids could do while listening to GC. (color, Friend magazine, etc.)


How many men are in the First Presidency? (3)

How many times does GC take place each year? (2)

How many sessions take place during GC (including priesthood)? (5)

How many apostles are there? (12 if kid is young, 15 if kid is older and smart)

How many quorums of the seventy are there? (2)


What is the name of the choir that always sings at GC? (Mormon Tabernacle)

What are the names of three of the apostles? (any of the 12)

What is the name of the location where GC is held? (Conference Center)

What days of the week are GC held on? (Sat and Sun)

What are the two months of the year in which GC is held? (April and October)


A song sung in the middle of conference, where the audience is asked to stand, is call what? (rest hymn)

GC talks are printed in what magazine in the month following conference? (Ensign or Liahona)

Speakers at GC are generally taken from which two groups of priesthood leadership? (Quorum of 12 Apostles or Seventy)

If you accidentally miss GC, what are three ways you could find out what was said? (Read Ensign, listen on internet, ask someone, etc)

Women speaking in conference are generally leaders in which organizations? (RS, Primary, YW)


When the prophet enters the room at GC, what does the audience usually do? (stand up)

The pulpit in the Conference Center is made from a tree that grew in whose yard? (Pres Hinckley)

The building where GC used to be held was: a. Assembly Hall, b. Tabernacle, c. SL temple (b)

What unique thing is found on the roof of the conference center? (garden or waterfall)

If you don’t have a ticket to get into GC you can try waiting in what line? (stand-by line)

Good luck, and have fun!

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