Friday, September 18, 2009

Police Beat #50

The BYU Police are back on the beat!

Have a Great Weekend!

September 3: A student checked out seven library books last winter. He just reported the $140 worth of books being stolen from his car.

(Comment: I wonder what the late fee fine is too? I hope his parents are in a generous mood this weekend.)

September 3: A student went to the ID center to purchase a new ID card after losing his. It was discovered that his card had been stolen and was used to purchase $45 worth of ice cream from a Smith Fieldhouse vending machine.

(Comment: Identity theft at BYU: $45 worth of ice cream; identity theft anywhere else in the world: $100,000+.)

September 4: A backpack was stolen from the Cannon Center. When officers arrived they looked through the cubbies one more time and found the backpack.

(Comment: I hate it when I get disoriented in the cubbies area and can't find where I was sitting.)

September 5: Fireworks were reported between the Wilkinson Student Center and the Harris Fine Arts Center. When officers arrived they discovered that it was smoke from a celebratory BBQ.

(Comment: Sounds like the way my husband barbecues :-)

September 6: Two male subjects were knocking doors in the female area of Wyview Park. They identified themselves as missionaries. When the police arrived the two male students said they thought it was a novel way to meet girls.

(Comment: Were they asking the girls the "golden question"?)

September 6: A 27-year-old student saw a baby duck fall into a grate on 500 E. 800 North. When the officer arrived the baby duck could not be found.

(Comment: That little duck "ran off to play. But when the daddy duck says quack, QUACK, QUACK!" he will come waddling back.)

Scripture of the Day: Alma 32:21)


  1. Those are always fun to read. We almost called the police the other night. My freshman daughter went and hiked the Y with friends at midnight (got back at 3:30 in the morning)and didn't take her phone or let her roommates know where she went. They called in tears to let us know she couldn't be found. Luckily she got home before our call to the police was made. Ahh, freshmen!!

  2. I love these, they always give me a good laugh.


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