Sunday, September 13, 2009

Member Missionary Moment #17

This post is part of a year long series where each week I strive to complete and item from a list of 101 Ways to do Member Missionary Work. Feel free to join me in the work!

This week's moment is taken from section 2: Full-time missionaries and ward missionaries, number 9 ("Read and become familiar with the principles in the missionary guidebook, "Preach My Gospel.")

Preach My Gospel is 244 pages of testimony building material. Two summers ago our ward had a reading challenge using Preach My Gospel and I was able to become somewhat familiar with it (I admit I did not completely finish the challenge). I like the way it is organized--the teaching principles are easy to follow and the supporting scriptures have come in handy for talks, scripture study, and family home evening. Getting to know this book helped me to revisit to basic, most important principles of the gospel and refocus in on teaching with the spirit.

I highly recommend you get to know Preach My Gospel as well. What's even better is the free podcast available for the book, which is broken up by chapters (anyone need a super quick FHE lesson idea?). Or, instead, utilize the FHE lessons based on PMG designed by the blog Errand of Angels.

Scripture of the Day: Jacob 2:18-19

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