Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Primary Kind of Day

I spent 8 hours doing Primary stuff today.


E. I. G. H. T.

Count 'em.

Hour 1: Run to Seagull Book to pick up Faith in God stuff.

Hour 2: Run to Wal-Mart to purchase program incentive items (I admit I bought nylons, too)

Hour 3: Wrote agenda for presidency meeting while eating lunch.

Hours 4 and 5: Presidency meeting. Yep. 2 full hours. Ouch!

Hour 6: Met with two cutie 11-yr-olds about Faith in God awards.

Hour 7: Writing and sending Primary-related e-mails and preparing items to be photocopied for Primary.

Hour 8: Delivering Primary related materials to bishopric counselor and more e-mails.

Not that I don't love my calling, but can I take a few days off please?

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Scripture of the Day: Mosiah 3:19


  1. I'd have to say yes. You deserve it!

    (But word verification says, "nocan," which doesn't bode well ...)

  2. I love and miss the Primary. I served in there for 12 years. I hope that you get a few days off before Sunday!!

  3. Are you the Primary prez? Poor thing! You should call my mom. She was her ward pri prez for 3 years, she called me one Sunday to say she finally was released and was excited to attend RS. She called 2 weeks later to say she was now the Stake Pri prez.

  4. By all means take a break already. I am tired just reading about your 8 hour service day! I am sure your doing a wonderful job.


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