Monday, November 24, 2008

Carriage Jam Problem Solved

For the past few weeks, off and on, my printer has been having carriage jam problems. I was not sure what to do other than keep turning off and on again in hopes it would get it to work.

Then I happened to mention the problem to my mom and she said to check down inside under the ink cartridge--that there likely had been ink leakage that had built up and was catching the carriage.

The first time she told me this I looked but did not see anything. It was dark in there, but there did not seem to be any leakage I could see. Then yesterday it happened again. Frustration built up enough for me to get a flashlight. And sure enough I found an INCH high pile of nearly dried ink that had built up!

Can I just say it was so annoying to see that considering how much those darn ink cartridges cost?!?

After finding it I got a butter knife and scraped off the ink leakage buildup and threw it away. Now my printer works like a charm. The good part about this was that my mom had to pay $65 for a repair guy to fix hers and show her the solution. Hopefully her $65 (through this post) will help more people out there save some money and frustration.

Scripture of the Day: Deuteronomy 8:3


  1. Yay for totally self-reliant you! Love it! (but I still want you to come and fix it when it happens to my printer. You can do that, right?)

  2. I will be there with bells on and my butter knife in hand!


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