Monday, November 17, 2008

Diapers and Divinity Giveaway

If you are interested in winning a free copy of my book, check out today's post on Diapers and Divinity. Stephanie has written a nice review of my book and if you leave a comment you will be entered into the giveaway. The giveaway ends Friday night at midnight.

I read Stephanie's blog daily--it has tons of great posts about raising a family in a spiritually minded way. Her insights are always uplifting and encouraging. Make sure you check it out even if you have already bought my book.

Speaking of uplifting, last Saturday night the girls and I went to see the Gilbert Fine Arts production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And it was excellent. My favorite thing was that Kitty would turn to me anytime Milly and Adam would kiss and say, "They're in love!" The dancing scenes were really well choreographed with moves similar to the movie (which, if you recall is amazing). It turned out two young men in our ward were in the production too--so all around it made for a fun evening.

Scripture of the Day: Mosiah 1:7


  1. Aw, thanks! And I find it mildly hilarious to have my name in the same post with picture of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. My little brother used to sing this soundtrack from dawn til dusk and I wanted to beat him every time he said "bless your beautiful hide." :)

  2. Oh thank you - I will run over and check it out.

  3. When I went the page came up with the title but the rest was completely blank?
    I'll try again later.

  4. I adore 7 brides--I have heard that it was touted as the movie with the best choreography ever made (but, that was before Flashdance). See, now I am a follower because I didn't know how to be one without the visible widget thing. Thank you!!!! Now that it is there where people can see it, they will follow, too. You know, clueless people like me who don't know there is another way to do it (is there?)


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