Thursday, November 20, 2008

Super Easy December Scripture Study Theme

I am posting this now so if you want to do this you have time to order or go out and buy it and be prepared. Three years ago this is the December Christmas scripture study theme I did with my kids. They loved it and still talk about it occasionally. I bought three of these little sticker books--one for each kid (currently $1.50 on Amazon; you may also be able to find them at local bookstores). This sticker booklet has an empty stable scene and then individual stickers of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the three wise men, shepherds, sheep, star, etc.

Each morning we would read a few verses from Luke 2 (and when we finished the Christmas story there, then we read the Christmas story in Third Nephi). After reading the verses the kids were each able to pick a sticker from this book and place it on the stable scene. As it got closer to Christmas the sticker picture became more and more complete.

The kids loved being able to pick which sticker they wanted to use that day, as well as being able to choose where to place it in the picture. I liked that there was no fighting or arguing about whose turn it was, and that the kids looked forward to doing it--in fact they often reminded me we needed to do it!

Anyway, I will have a different theme posted on the first of the month, but thought someone out there in the great blogging void might want to try this.


  1. My kids love stuff like this. I just went to Amazon and ordered TWELVE. (And a 4 for 3 discount kicked in so I got them all for 13.50. Hooray. I'm going to give them away to neighbors (with kids) as Christmas gifts too.

  2. What a great idea! Most of my kids are a little old for this but I would love it!


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