Monday, November 3, 2008

Online Bill Pay Mistake


A few weeks ago I paid my credit card bill as usual using my online bill pay from my checking account. Or so I thought. On accident I actually paid ahead $550 toward a little used credit card I have for emergencies. I realized too late to get the real bill paid on time, but was lucky enough to get them to waive the late fee and interest since I am such a wonderful customer :-)!

I have decided the $550 will serve as a good budget for some Christmas shopping. I will definitely need more than that, but it is a very good start for me. I am kinda liking it actually. I feel like I have a gift card to spend.

How do you do your Christmas shopping budgeting? I am guessing not the pay-ahead-on-the-wrong-credit card method.


I was tagged to do the fourth picture from the fourth folder thing. Here it is:

This picture is of my SIL Alicia and my nephew Harrison from a trip we took to Denver a year ago last March. We were there to attend Harrison's baptism. Harrison has CP and is a great kid. He has the best spirit around him and his baptismal service was filled with the spirit. The trip was really hard for me, but six months later we asked our kids in FHE to recall a time when they had felt the Holy Ghost. Patch's response was at Harrison's baptism. That alone made that hard trip worthwhile!

If you want to play along in the 4th file/4th pic thing, consider yourself tagged. It is fun and easy!

Scripture of the Day: Ezekiel 37:16-17


  1. Wow time for Christmas shopping already! YIPPEE!! I love shopping :)

  2. I didn't even tag you and you got it too! I am impressed that you are already thinking Christmas! I have two presents, but it was because they were going fast and I wanted to get them before they were gone! We are so excited to come home for Christmas and see everyone!

  3. I love the 4th and 4th tag.

    My daughter has cp; did you know that?

  4. I budget all year long for Christmas. I'd LOVE $500 for a budget... but it's not happening this year! Plus we decided NO electronics or technology related gifs. And we only giove 3 to each child. You would be surprised how much money y ou can save with no electronics!!

  5. Ugg- I am in denial about our Christmas. Doe to financing some unplanned, required expenses ... we will have a very little Christmas. This is something I have yet to even ponder. I know somehow things will work out for the best though.

    Ohh - I love your fourth folder fourth file tag. I checked and mine is kind of cute. Ill have to do it tomorrow.

  6. Your '4th pic/4th file' reference has forced me to come out of lurker hiding....what exactly is it???? My curiousity is killing me!!!

  7. Liz, The picture is as described in the paragraph below it. The only thing I did not note was that it was taken at a Mimi's restaurant (which our family loves). Thanks for your comment! Becky


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