Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just How Weird Am I?

I was tagged to give seven random or strange facts about myself, which makes me a little nervous to share, but here goes:

1. I embarrass very easily, even for other people (including strangers). In fact, I can hardly stand to watch I Love Lucy or other sitcoms with embarrassing situations. Usually I have to leave the room because it is so awful to have to watch.

2. I can't sleep if anyone is touching me. This was helpful in making sure my kids slept in their own beds, but there were times I was a wimp and just went to the couch to sleep instead of moving them back to their own bed.

3. I use soap and water to shave my legs. And I think I use the same razor for probably three months before replacing it. I have been wondering if there are more effective ways of shaving that are just as easy as soap and water in the shower. Feel free to share.

4. I have very hard fingernails and toenails. I have probably only ever broke a nail five times in my whole life, and I had long nails as early as third grade. However, having such hard nails, it really hurts bad if one bends somehow. Despite having long nails, I dislike painting them.

5. I am a very picky drinker. I have never liked the taste of milk (even as a baby, much to my mother's chagrin). I am not fond of carbonation and can barely stand a sip of Coke or Pepsi. The only soft drink I like is root beer, but I hardly ever drink it. Water (NO lemon in it please!), hot chocolate, and Crystal Light are my go-to drinks.

6. I never changed my major in college. Just went straight through and got it over with. I also graduated debt-free although I did not have a scholarship for most of the time.

7. I have watched the movie Pillow Talk more than 100 times. Just love the story line and am a big Doris Day fan.

If you enjoyed this post, consider yourself tagged. Hopefully you don't think I am too weird after reading this :o}.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 9:8


  1. OMGosh, my husband is the same way--he just gets so embarrassed for those fake people on celluloid. It's kind of funny when it isn't annoying because he really reacts. I have trouble, too, with carbonation--root beer is the only one I'll drink, but rarely. Soap and water is great--so is not breaking nails! Yay!

  2. These are my favorite tags...the ones where you really find out stuff about other people. I love it! I'll tag myself and try to do it tomorrow!

  3. 2. Me too!
    6. Me either.
    7. Love that movie. (never seen any movie 100 times though.)

    So fun to get to know you better.

  4. Fun post, Becky. And no you're not weird.


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