Thursday, November 6, 2008

Police Beat #14

Hope your day is going well--if not, read this for a laugh.

Jan. 27: A suspicious package addressed to a BYU police lieutenant was left on a police car. The package was filled with essays and ramblings difficult to understand. It is currently under investigation.

Jan. 26: An 8-year-old boy went to the restroom at the Marriott Center during Saturday's BYU basketball game. While in a stall, his leg was grabbed from underneath the adjacent stall. His father reported the suspicious behavior and an investigation is under way pending more information.

Jan. 26: A male was reported walking suspiciously on and around University Parkway. Officers responded and found out that the male was just having a difficult day and was simply trying to clear his head.

Jan. 24: A witness reported a suspicious male standing outside the Joseph Smith Building at 10:30 a.m. The male was wearing a black cloak and was singing to himself. He had been there for 45 minutes. Upon being questioned, the male said he was waiting for his class to begin and was happy. He said he was cold and was singing to keep warm.

Jan. 23: Officer Jennifer Jensen received a 911call from a woman in labor in Wymount Terrace. Jensen helped in the delivery of the baby. The mother and baby are doing fine.

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 34:16

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