Sunday, November 9, 2008

Year of Miracles #29

This week's miracle is election-related. Isn't it a miracle that we can have a country with such diverse opinions and yet still have an election with results that are uncontested and respected (for the most part; Proposition 8 excepted)?

I truly believe the Founding Fathers of this country were inspired. The Constitution is an amazing document and our system of checks and balances is wonderful.

Shortly before the election Patch asked me what I would do if the presidential candidate I did not vote for won the election. I told him I was not worried because our country has this system of checks and balances that help to limit the power of any one leader. There will always be presidents we agree with; and then there will be those we do not agree with; either way America will survive because of the inspired foresight of our Heavenly Father and our Founding Fathers.

Our country is truly miraculous!

Scripture of the Day: Matthew 22:29

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  1. Coming over from Mormon Moms who blog. You have a great site! I 100% agree with you about the Founding Fathers being inspired. It's just another testimony that I know the Church is true! Thanks for sharing.


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